Friday, January 9, 2009

Shimmer Chapter 3

Chapter 3
I know he wants me to speak but I can’t form the words. I don’t know what I want to say anyway. So here I am, naked as the day I was born, staring up at a fully clothed Eric who had just poured his heart out. I am so dizzy I think I might throw up. I know he is tuned into my feeling and he looks worried. Who would have thought a barmaid from Bon Temps, Louisiana could rattle this ancient being. Not me that’s for sure. When Eric is in his right mind, he is always the essence of confidence, yep this is new territory. Breathe Sookie breathe. Why me? How did I make this stunning, powerful vampire fall in love with me? It must be the fairy blood.
“Eric, I just don’t know how to respond.”
“That is not the reaction I anticipated.” He said his voice even.
“This is all a little much for me right now. I want to deal with us I really do, but it’s a lot to consider all at one time. I mean a few hours ago I was my ex-boyfriends prisoner, then you came and saved me, and now you are professing you undying love. I can’t wrap my head around everything right now.”
Eric looked thoughtful and maybe a little ticked. It was 4 am and the sun will rise around 7:15 so we still have sometime, but not enough for me to comprehend all of this.
“I understand my lover. We still have about three hours until sunrise, you rest for an hour of so and I will wait in the living room. I am sure once you have had time to collect yourself, you will come around to my way of thinking.” Eric said oozing confidence, and I could tell from the bond it was genuine.
“Ok, I could use some rest, but please stay with me. Wake me up in a while we’ll go from there.”
Eric effortlessly removes his shirt, and my pulse shoots through the roof. His body is unbelievable. There should be statues of him in museums. Sleep is now about the farthest thing from my mind, but he makes no advance. He just pulls me close and holds me against him. He is cool, but I don’t mind, my quilt is warm. I know he feels my desire as he settles his hand on my stomach. I can feel him trying to calm me down, but I know he is suppressing his own want too. In his arms I feel tiny and protected. I know no one can harm me when I am in my Viking cocoon. I know I am in the embrace of a man who loves me. Maybe the only one who ever truly had? I had told Quinn I needed to be first, and I knew he could never provide that. It wasn’t something he could help. I can’t fault him for protecting his family, but that’s not the life I want. Eric may have a big part of Louisiana to govern, but every time I needed him he was there. He had put me first, even before himself; something I didn’t think was possible. If I had been paying attention I would have seen that a long time ago. This won’t be easy. We have a lot against us.
I turn over and look Eric in the eye. His brilliant blue orbs shine down on me and I know I was making the right decision. I kiss him deeply and after a moment we find a nice rhythm. Eric has had lots of practice and it shows. The whole world stands still. I feel his pants straining against my legs, and it takes every bit of will I have to release his mouth. My lips are swollen and red. My skin is flush. His fangs are down and his eyes are blazing. I have about two seconds to get this out before I loose all control and jump him.
I breathe deep. “Eric, I love you, and I do not want to see anyone else. I want to be with you too.”
I guess Eric figured he had already said enough. He leaned over me and pressed his lips to mine. Our tongues begin to dance and he shifts so he is on his knees between my parted legs. I can feel his rigidity against me. As I run the tip of my tongue across his fang he lets out a moan and starts to grind against me. I want him so badly I think I am going to explode. I reach down to fumble with his button but he flattens his body against mine and lowers his head to my chest. The pressure of his body on mine is pleasurable, not daunting, and he almost sends me over the edge from mouthing and kneading my breasts alone. As I am about to peak, he returns his mouth to mine and the anticipation begins to build again. I reach down again and his pants practically open by themselves. He rubs his tip against my nub and his hands explore me below as well. As his fingers fill me I find myself again on the boundary of orgasm. He pushes me over and as I am losing all control as he plunges in and thrusts with purpose. He isn’t rough, but he is determined. Before all is said and done, I climax three more times.
“Mmmm, that was even better than I remembered.” I purred.
“That is because it was better my lover.” He replied lazily.
“Huh?” I looked at him; I am still a little fuzzy, mind numbing sex and all.
“Since we have bonded everything we share will be more intense.” He stated as if I should have known.
“I am still a little confused about this whole bond. The heightened senses have faded but I can still feel you just as strong as the day it happened. Will it always be this way?”
“No, there are two separate paths we can take my lover, and they will depend on you. If you are satisfied with our connection it will mature; we will be powerful allies and take great comfort in one another. Should you come to resent our tie, it will not sever but will become warped and be a great encumbrance to us both. As I said you may come to hate me. I hope that does not happen. Even if we separate, we will always sense the other in our tie, we will always discern the others emotions, and we will always have a void if we end our relationship.”
“That’s really uh, intense. No wonder you said we were tied to closely to suit you.” I remember holding that soda can bomb all too well.
“I did not mean that I regretted what I had done. I said that for your benefit. The tiger thought I had arranged the whole situation with Andre to gain greater control over you. He believes I wish to turn you. I was trying to convey that I cared, but did not wish you to be mine. Of course, that was not the case.”
I knew Quinn hated my tie with Eric. I knew Quinn did not trust Eric either. He did think Eric wanted to turn me and had practically said as much. He was always worried I would leave him and go to Eric; I guess he sensed my true feelings, even as I repressed them. I really did like Quinn, and I told myself I wanted more, but I was really lying to myself.
“Do you want to turn me?”
That is a loaded question, and I am conflicted. Sookie’s humanity makes her fragile and she will age. Her fae heritage and a regular infusion of my blood will make the years kinder to her, but she will ultimately wither and fade. I will remain unchanged until my end. I do not know how Sookie will react to the change should I bring her over. This is a issue I have often pondered. She would remain young and beautiful, but I am not certain her zeal would withstand the transition. Sookie has very human values, and no matter what comes to pass, I do not believe she would every truly give them up. This would make her uncertain about coming over and will affect the vampire she would become. Vampires do not normally pair for long, but we are bonded so it is possible we would prevail. She would finally have the physical strength and resilience to compliment her courageous spirit.
“I would not turn you unless I knew it to be you sincere desire.” That is the truth. If she wanted to join me, I would indulge her.
“Eric. Do you want me to be a vampire or not?” She was a touch indignant.
“I am indifferent. I will continue to love you in either case.” That is at least half true.
“How can you be indifferent?” She asks and I sense her indignation growing. She wants me to have conviction, she is offended. That is amusing.
“Sookie my love for you is passionate and unfaltering. There are compelling arguments for you to remain as you are and to join my kind. I have not yet found a definite victor. The choice is ultimately yours, and so I will no longer burden my thoughts with something I have no control over.” I reply. She seems satisfied.
She yawns, arches her back and stretches her arms above her head. I can feel myself begin to stir. My appetite for her is insatiable, but she is exhausted and has a long day ahead. I have waited many nights; I have had her once, I can wait for tomorrow. I kiss her forehead and draw her to me. She needs to rest, and I tell her so. I lie on my back and she rests her head on my chest I wrap my arms around her and our legs entwine. This is as at should be. Soon I will have to crawl into that repulsive crack Bill constructed in her other bedroom. Tomorrow we will discuss light proofing that entire room. I detest crawling into the ground and I know she will not leave her home. Our union will be difficult for her. The community will ostracize her, again. She will become boorish and I will have to work doubly hard to please her. I am not familiar with working at all for companionship. Women fling themselves at me nightly and I do as I wish. Sookie makes me work, and for some reason I am willing.
Tomorrow we will go to Hotshot and deal with the inbred panthers and her substandard brother. I will find out why, once again, my Sookie has been seduced, for someone else’s malevolent purposes. Whoever is responsible will rue the day they were made. It is not apparent who they were attempting to get to, employing my lover as a means of warning. She is linked to the Packmaster of Shreveport, the leader of the werepanthers in Hotshot, her great-grandfather the fairy prince, the King of Nevada (Louisiana and Arkansas) and of course myself. As the bear sought out hunting privileges with the panthers, it is unlikely Calvin was the intended recipient. Of the others, she is dearest to me, than Niall. The king is indebted to Sookie but does not know her value; her loss would not pain him as it would the fairy or I. The packmaster desired Sookie, and they pretended to be involved for a short time, but there is little significance to their association. If the attacker is clever, it could only have been aimed at Niall or me.
I am also wondering who has the power to employ a werebear. They are extremely rare, and it is unlikely that they would risk their existence without substantial compensation. Sookie said that she thought he was from Indiana. Tomorrow I will see the background check Jason ran on the fool and find out as much as possible. I don’t understand how someone could have Sookie and not fall in love with her. She is completely enthralling. I cannot wait to apprehend the one responsible for her pain.
I woke up at eleven to find Eric gone. I guess he got in the hidey-hole sometime before dawn. He will be up around five thirty and then we’ll head to Hotshot. I slide out of bed and straighten it up. I go through the motions of my morning routine, and even though I am very sore and bruised, I feel pretty good. Eric. I sense Amelia’s brain pattern in the kitchen and am excited to tell her about Eric and I. She is just about the only person who will be happy for me. Everyone else will be upset I have another dead boyfriend. Well tough, Eric is the best man for me and they will just have to get used to him.
Amelia is doing the sudoku puzzle from the Times-Picayune she has delivered now. I get some coffee from the pot she made and put some toast in the toaster. She is about to burst she wants to know so badly. I smile as I spread the jelly than pop into the chair across from her and now I am beaming.
“Sookie you had sex!” she proclaims. I should be annoyed but I just can’t I am too giddy.
“Yes and Eric and I are an item.” I almost said Eric was my boyfriend but that just doesn’t sound right.
“It’s about damn time.” Amelia smiles at me. Apparently she had been rooting for us all along.
“He is in the hidey-hole and tonight we are going to go to Hotshot and talk to Calvin and Jason about Kennedy’s background.”
“Yea, Pam told me last night he was going to stay here while he and Bill were talking.”
“Oh, did Bill have anything useful to say?”
“I dunno, he and Eric didn’t say much to me. Pam was chatty, I think she was relieved that you finally were dealing with what’s between you and Eric.”
Pam has said Eric was making things difficult, so Amelia is probably right.
“Oh shoot. I better call Sam!” I know he was worried, and I didn’t bother last night.
“He knows you’re safe, Eric called him while you were in the shower. You have the night off too, you’re lunch shift tomorrow.”
“Oh, ok. That’s perfect.” That was very considerate of Eric. “Well, I guess I’ll call Jason and Calvin and set something up for tonight then.”
“Hey, you think Eric would mind if I tagged along? I might be helpful.” Amelia asked.
“Sure you can come, believe me it isn’t like a date or anything.” I told her as I washed my plate and mug.
“Ok then, I will get some basic stuff together just in case.” She smiled and ran up the steps.
I had some errands to run so I grabbed my keys and headed for the car. People in town were polite and said they were glad I was home safe, but I knew from their heads no one was surprised. I guess Sam and Amelia reported me missing. I can’t believe they didn’t call Eric. They know about our bond, so they knew he could track me. Maybe they were scared he was upset I was seeing Kennedy. I could tell from tie that much was true. He came anyway. He will protect me and be true to me. Well actually we hadn’t gotten to how true I expect him to be. Tonight I will make sure he knows that servicing fangbangers in any manner is unacceptable. Sookie Stackhouse and bottled blood are all he’s getting from now on and he better like it.
By the time I exchanged my library books, went to the bank, the post office and the Piggly Wiggly, it was nearly five. Eric will be up soon and I was eager to get home.
I got to the house just as he was rising; he had me again on my former bed. I am so glad Octavia went back to New Orleans. When we were finished I told him Jason was going to meet us at Calvin’s at eight. He agreed having Amelia along is a good idea. We all got ready and took my Malibu. Eric drove, but I know he hated the car. He was contemplating smashing it into something just so he could buy me a new one.

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