Friday, January 9, 2009

Shimmer Chapter 5

Chapter 5
Eric’s house was NICE. Of course I had expected as much, but it was different when you saw it. He showed Amelia and I where we’d be sleeping and said to make ourselves at home. He was going to Fangtasia, but he said he just had to catch a few things up then I would have his full attention. That was something to look forward to.
I heard his Corvette pull onto the road as I made my way through the house. It wasn’t huge or too flashy, but everything thing is new and top of the line. He had a gourmet kitchen, and I have to wonder what for. He told me once that he had this house built so I know it wasn’t because it came with it. His furniture was modern but comfortable. Nothing ornate, solid colors and clean lines are the theme. He had snow white carpet in his living room that made me shudder; if he spilled any blood he would have to tear it up. His tables and stands were all black and he had a midnight blue couch with golden-yellow accent pillows. His love seat was golden-yellow with midnight blue pillows and there was a blue recliner with yellow trim. Three of the walls were a lovely shade of eggshell, and the fourth looked like blue suede. That wall held one of those glass fireplaces you can look through to see the next room. The mantel above it was simple and black. I walked up to look closer at the trinkets atop it. Okay, maybe not everything in this house was new. They were different metal odds and ends that looked old and Nordic. I glanced around at the paintings on the walls and was astonished to find they were authentic. Van Gogh, Velasquez, Monet and some I hadn’t heard of were scattered throughout the home. One painting in the living room was by Van Gogh and was titled Night Stars; I noticed the color scheme of the room was pulled from the canvas. The Velasquez in the den showed a beautiful little blonde girl in a full blue gown that looked Elizabethan to me, but I don’t really know.
Eric had great taste; his entire home was decorated with great care and skill. It was beautiful. I wonder if he did it himself or hired an interior designer. Amelia walked up to me just as I was admiring his indoor pool. It wasn’t huge, but it was big enough, and it was heated.
“Hey, let’s go for a swim.” Amelia said, her eyes gleaming.
“It’s December and we are going north. I didn’t bring a suit.” I looked at her like she was crazy.
“So?” Amelia folded up her khakis and sat them on a nearby chair. She left her panties on, but took her bra off and dove in with barely a splash. She glided below the surface to the other side. “Come on, the water feels great.”
I’m not as modest as I used to be, but I still had to think twice before I finally followed her lead. I jumped in ass covered, boobs not. I’m glad I opted for bikinis tonight and packed my thongs instead. We swam around some and decided to race. The pool was shaped like a tear drop (at least I am calling it that) but there was enough room for us both to push off from the vertex and race to the arc and back. I won the first, she won the second, and we were about to go for a third when Eric walked in. His fangs showed a little when he noticed our apparel -or lack thereof- and I had to laugh. Just then, Amelia was conveniently overcome with drowsiness. She said she would see me in the morning and collected her clothes on her way out. I stayed in the pool, dipping myself beneath the surface and then rising to my feet, arching my back as I smoothed my hair. I knew he enjoyed the show I was giving him.
“Would you like me to join you, my lover?” Eric asked, his accent a little more apparent than usual.
“Well, they do say you shouldn't swim alone.” I smiled up at him.
“You should never swim without me, my lover. You look too delicious dripping in just your underthings. If anyone else saw you this way, I would have to kill them.” He looked down, just a touch of seriousness in his tone.
“Eric, Amelia just saw me.” I grinned up at him knowing full well that is not what he meant. Before I realized what was going on, Eric had me pinned to the tile wall of the pool and was kissing me hard in all his naked glory.
I don’t know why sex underwater was so much fun. The water seemed to eliminate some of the friction and the details of our bodies weren’t quite as apparent, but I loved it anyway. Maybe it’s because you could change positions so effortlessly, not that it was that hard anywhere when your partner was a vampire.
After we were dried and dressed we went to his room; it was almost four and I was getting tired. We showered together and his bathroom was as extravagant as I expected it to be, all the way to the double showerhead and waterfall. I tried very hard not to think about the scores of other women he had undoubtedly shared it with. I figured this was the perfect time to let him know what I considered commitment.
“Eric, I don’t want you with any one else.”
“Nor I you, my lover.” He replied easily enough, but I wanted to make sure he got my drift.
“I know at the bar you, well, you know, appease the clientele, and I am just not comfortable with that. I want to be the only one you taste as long as we are together.” He smiled down at me.
“I would not expect anything less of you, Sookie, and I promise to commit myself to you in every way. I will not penetrate anyone else in any manner.” He said it with such complete conviction I knew he was sincere.
“Wow, I didn’t think you would take that so easily.”
“There are plenty other vampires to 'appease the clientele' as you say, and I have no desire to drink from a common whore when I have my very own delectable lady waiting for me,” he said again with complete honesty.
“That won’t cause problems?” I was concerned not only for his business, but for his appearance to other vamps.
“I lost my taste for fangbanger some time ago, it has not been a problem yet.” That surprised me.
“What do you mean?” I couldn't believe that Eric Northman had been living on bottled blood.
“I find that the trash who jumps from vamp to vamp dying to be bitten has come to taste, well, bitter to me. Like they are tainted. Ever since Rhodes I have found little pleasure in drinking from them. I completely stopped about a month ago. My lover, your sweet nectar has spoiled me,” he said as he patted me dry. I guessed that was a compliment and I stretched up on my tiptoes to kiss him. His room had ample artificial lighting recessed into the ceiling, and I knew that he would stay in the bed with me come dawn. The idea excited me; I was never able to wake up for my day next to Bill.
We settled into his bed and I was relieved to slide into Egyptian cotton, not silk. Ever since I saw his silk boxers I had worried about Eric’s sheets, not that I really had a right until now. We enveloped each other and I felt a rush of sheer bliss. This was perfect, and that was my last thought until ten the next morning.
I woke up still in my Viking's embrace, and although I knew he couldn’t feel it I stroked his hair and kissed his face before I slid out of bed. I couldn’t help but straighten the covers, even with him under them. Old habits die hard.
I opened one of my bags and grabbed my clothes and makeup. After I was presentable I found Amelia in the kitchen looking positively refreshed. She had gotten up around eight and swam some laps. She said Eric had coffee, croissants, fresh fruit and orange juice. I couldn’t believe it.
After breakfast Amelia and I decided to go shopping at Pierre Bossier Mall. We enjoyed each others company as we wandered about lazily and picked up a few things here and there. On our way to Sweet Scents N’ More, we passed David’s Bridal and the most stunning dress I had ever seen was in the window.
Ivory colored satin and tulle with metallic beads and embroidered lace, it had the most beautiful chapel train. The sales lady said it was an asymmetrical pick-up gown with a pleated surplice bodice. I didn’t know what that meant but it was strapless and rounded over each breast, the pleated material crisscrossed and flared out at the waist where the tulle began. The shoes were ivory strappy heeled sandals with rows of rhinestones across the toe and foot. I loved them, too. The necklace on the mannequin reminded me of Gran’s pearls. I wanted to look just like that when I married Eric. Whoa, I think I’m getting a little ahead of myself, I better get outta here before I mosey on over to Zales and buy some rings.
Amelia took my wedding fantasy in stride and didn’t say a word about it. We soon decided that we had better get back to Eric’s so we could make sure we had everything we needed for the trip. It was almost four-thirty and he would be rising very soon. Traffic wasn't bad and we made it back to his house by five. I went into his room and slipped my new goodies into my larger suitcase before sliding into bed with him. I wanted to be with him when he woke up. Cuddling as close as I could, I threw my limbs over his. A few minutes later he began to stir and his eyes glistened when they found me.
She smells so delicious. I have to have her, I have to taste her, I love waking up to her. Maybe I could convince her to live here. Doubtful, but I will try.
I kissed her deeply as I ripped the clothes off her. I was already naked. I had my way with her twice before we forced ourselves out of bed. I had never been so enamored in all my years; I just wanted to bite her and fuck her over and over until the end of time. When it came to Sookie, I couldn’t find my fill. I convinced her that there wasn't time to shower and we dressed for our trip.
“I wish you hadn’t ripped my clothes, I only brought so many and those jeans were new.” She wasn't actually upset, only worried about having enough clothes for the trip.
“My lover, it will be my pleasure to replace them once we reach our destination.” I threw her one of my t-shirts and smiled. She was covered with my scent and wore my clothes; I was sending a very effective message to her former lover. I knew she would want to tell Bill about our relationship herself because she thought I would gloat. She was right. I know she will get indignant when I tell him she is mine. That can wait, but I want him to know she is off limits. I will enjoy his reaction.
I watched her walk into the bathroom with her little make up bag. She tied my shirt in a little knot above her right hip and I had a tremendous view of her ass. I preferred her without the sparkly eye powders and such, but I knew it made her feel more confident. She hadn't yet realized her own radiance. When she was ready we collected the witch and made our way to the driveway. My Corvette wouldn't hold us so I called Pam; her sensible Toyota would do fine. I stowed the luggage in the trunk and joined Sookie in the backseat.
We were already seated on the plane when Bill arrived with Jason. Our coffins were in place along the side wall and Sookie and I were in one row of three with Amelia sitting in the row in front of us with Pam. Sookie’s tomcat brother couldn't pass up sitting between the witch and my child, so that put Bill with us.
"Compton. How nice of you to join us. Please make yourself comfortable." I gestured towards the only available seat as if I was granting him a great gift. The effect was not lost on him as he responded, his voice icy.
"Eric." He stiffly nodded at me in greeting as he sat. "Sookie, you look well, considering all that has happened."
She turned to look at him and the movement caused her scent to explode throughout the cabin. Sookie didn't notice anything, even though I could tell by the slight flare of his nostrils and the way his pupils dilated just a bit, but Bill smelled me all over her. "I'm just fine, Bill. How are you doing?"
I was curious to hear his answer, and since she was turned away from me I took the opportunity to steeple my fingers and raise an eyebrow at him. "Fine, Sookie. I'm just fine."
The engines started up and Sookie grabbed my hand in panic. She looked at me apologetically as she explained, "I hate take-off and touch-down. In flight I'm fine, but the beginning and the end scare the crap out of me."
"It's okay, my lover. You know I would never let any harm come to you. Hold on as tightly as you need to, I won't let go." She squeezed her eyes shut and gripped my hands as if her life depended on it. Bill noticed and stared at me over her head. I leveled a look at him and mouthed a few words at him, knowing he could read my lips.
'She is mine and you will not touch her. Do not test me on this.' He jerked his head in a miniscule nod before turning away to brood. I dismissed him from my thoughts and focused on Sookie. I kissed just below her earlobe and felt her loosen her grip on me a fraction.
When the plane had leveled off, Sookie released my hands and I asked the three in front to rotate their chairs so that we were all facing. Now was the time to formulate a concrete plan.
“Pam, Bill, Sookie and I are going to be staying with the King of Indiana at his home in Indianapolis. It has extensive security; we should be out of harm's way. Amelia, you and Jason will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express at City Centre. I know it is not much, but in case you are followed I want them to think Jason is paying for the room, no offense of course.” I said this for Sookie’s sake. I couldn't have cared less what he thought, if he thought at all.
“None taken man, I’m not ashamed I ain’t rich, if I was paying for this trip I would have picked Holiday Inn over The Hilton.”
“Good. Now tonight we will leave the airport separately. I have rented a mid-sized car for you two, you will leave first. The rest of us will leave thirty minutes later; someone from the King’s estate will be picking us up.”
I paused to make sure they understood. No one spoke, so I continued.
“Jason, tomorrow you will contact Kennedy’s parents and arrange a meeting with them whenever they are both available. At this meeting you will tell them what you know to have happened and present them with his death certificate and the necklace he was wearing at the time of his death. Everything you will need is in here.” I handed Jason an envelope and an oak box engraved with the bear’s full name “Kennedy Lee Johnson” in gold leafing. The inside of it was lined with burgundy velvet and the top was a frame for the certificate, below his necklace was presented on a raised surface so that it would stay in position. “I have provided you with an expense account, it is a credit card solely in your name, nothing can be traced back to me or any other vampire. Amelia, this card is for you also, anything you need should be charged to it. In the envelope you will find your rental car agreement, the hotel accommodations, the expense account information, the address and telephone where of the bears and a telephone number. It is to a prepaid cell phone where you can reach us, it is registered to Calvin should anyone look it up.”
“How did you get the death certificate? I didn’t think it was reported yet,” Sookie asked.
“I called last night and left an anonymous tip from a nearby payphone.” Pam answered her.
“Then I reported him missing last night. I told the police I ran the check to see if he had been arrested, and since he hadn’t I went ahead and reported him. This morning they called to say he was found dead. When I said I wanted to tell his folks, they offered me the necklace and certificate. When I called Eric he sent someone to pick it up an' all.” Jason finished, and I was impressed he was smart enough to cover his ass about the background check.
"Amelia, have you acquired everything you will need for the spell?”
“Yes I have it all with me and it all fits in my new Coach bag, so no one should be suspicious.”
“Good, what is your plan?” I was concerned that the weres would maul them before she had completed her sorcery.
“Well, I am going to excuse myself to the restroom as soon as Jason finishes. While I am in there I will cast a stasis spell on everything except Jason. They are pretty quick, so it should take effect before they catch on. While they are frozen, Jason and I will restrain them with these," she reached into the designer tote and presented very strong chains and pad locks, "then I will cast the truth spell and break the stasis. I also have two sawed off shot guns with silver bullets in case things get, uh, hairy.” The witch giggled a little at her pun and I was impressed with her thoroughness.
“Good thing oversized bags are in style,” my beloved remarked and I gave her a smile.
“So what do we do with ‘em after they spill the beans?” Jason asked.
“That remains to be seen. I would like to deal with them personally, but until we know the extent of their faction we will have to lay low. Keep them restrained and contact us as soon as possible. If it is daylight, you may have to bearsit a while. Do you believe you can handle that?"
“With her bag o' tricks I think we’ll be alright,” Jason replied. I hoped his cocky attitude was merited.

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