Saturday, January 10, 2009

You're Crashing, But I'm Falling

This is the first poem I have written in 7 years so I am aware that it is terrible.

These wishful mirrors they reflect
All the years torched long ago
So as I get lost deep in their seduction
And wait for reason to take hold
It evades me and
Ancient emotions I recolect

You couldn't let me alone
I had long supressed our indescretions
Now the tempest charts her path
And your ride up on your pale horse
I won't have death for my savior
So don't smother me in your flames tonight

My sparkle long ago faded
But I would keep my dreary glow
Before I sucomb to your shimmering facade

Forever, lost in time
What we once had been
Time will not wait
And my self preservation will not wain.

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