Friday, January 9, 2009

Shimmer Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Hotshot gives me the heebie jeebies. Yeah I know why things are the way they are here, and I kinda understand it. Calvin has been nothing but nice to me, but as soon as I hit that barren crossroads I get a chill.
We pull up to Calvin’s neat home, and Eric opens my door, than Amelia’s. He is trying. I get out and on kiss him on the cheek. Jason is already here; his truck is right in front of our car. The swirls remind me of Eric’s get up at the orgy and I laugh out loud. Eric looks at me with confusion and I tell him I just remembered something funny. I left out that funny thing was him. Calvin answers the door, nods to Eric and hugs Amelia and I. I can feel a small twinge of jealousy in the bond, but Eric does not show it at all. We join Jason in a room I haven’t been in before. I guess you could call it an office. It has a battered but sturdy old oak desk with a phone, computer and fax. I never figured Calvin to be a home fax kinda guy.
He pulls up some message board that appears to be exclusively for the two-natured. He had a specific page bookmarked. It was about a werebear family in Indiana. Jason is fumbling through his bag trying to pull out a stack of papers. Jason and Calvin are sitting in wooden swivel chairs on either side of the computer monitor; Eric, Amelia and I are directly across from them on a couch. I am the filling in a witch /vampire sandwich, with assorted werepanther garnish. Eric reaches down and takes my hand.
“Well, what have you found?” Eric asks.
Jason is first to answer, I don’t think that Calvin minds. “I don’t normally run out of state background checks, and since Ken was clean here in Louisiana I went ahead and hired him. I ran this last night, glad nobody’s reported him missing yet or it would look awful funny.” Jason handed Eric the stack of papers, and I did mind but only a little. Eric offered them to me and we examined them together, Amelia was looking over my shoulder too. She was the first to speak.
“Holy shirt Sookie, he’s killed ten vampires.” Amelia blurted.
“Yes, that the state is aware of, I am sure there are those who have gone unreported.” Eric replies.
“I’m not a vampire, what was he gonna do to me?”
“I am not sure Sookie, but I think someone needs to find out. This website talks about him and he does not work alone.” Calvin says in a very heavy tone.
Eric walks to the computer, plants both hands on the desk and leans so he can see the monitor easily. He lets out a sigh of exasperation and turns to me.
“According to this, he is a member of two-natured supremacy group. Apparently, they find humans tolerable but all other supernaturals are regarded as unholy and must be destroyed.”
“So he knew I was part fairy and wanted to torture and kill me due to my inferior bloodlines?”
“Did you tell him you were fae?” Calvin asks.
“Wait, wait, your part what?” Jason asks. He is shocked and confused. Oh Shit!
“You and Sookie are actually one-eighth fairy, we do not have time to get into the specifics with you now, but you two can discuss it later.” Eric tells Jason. Niall specifically told me not to tell Jason, this is not good.
“Did he ever meet Claudine, or her brother?” Eric asks me.
“No I never told him and he met Claudine once while we were at her store but I didn’t explain our relationship. I just gave her a hug, introduced them, and then we left. She was working.”
“Then he would not have known. Such a small fraction would not have been apparent in your scents, especially when he is in human form.” Calvin said with confidence.
“Ok, well I don’t know why I was a target then.” I say feeling deflated.
“As I told Sookie last night, I don’t believe they wanted to kill her. I think she was a pawn in a larger plot to draw out someone more powerful that she is affiliated with, someone who holds her dear or considers her as an asset. This confirms my suspicion that the bear was not after you or the Were Herveaux. I believe he was after The King, Niall, or me.”
“I have no clue what ya’ll are taking about, why is my sister an asset to all these people?” Jason asks, Amelia looks at me and rolls her eyes, but Eric looks Jason directly in his. I should be more upset that my boyfriend is altering my brother’s mind, but it really is for the best. Niall didn’t want him to know, I shouldn’t have opened my mouth. In a jiffy Eric has Jason convinced that he needs to go to his truck and call Catfish about taking some time off. Now I am the one who is confused. As soon as Jason is out of earshot Eric springs into action.
“Sookie, we need to go to Indiana to find out what is happening. We must be prepared, so that whoever they want is ready for the attack. Jason will go to inform the bear’s parents that he is dead, it would be nice if you could accompany him to read their minds, but I do not want to risk you being recognized, maybe we could borrow Barry Bellboy.” Eric said and Calvin nodded.
“Jason was Kennedy’s superior and a part of the community he changes with so he would be an acceptable choice to deliver such news. We will just need to think up a story they will not find fishy.” Calvin said.
“Great, I will call Joseph assuming he is still over Texas and ask about Bellboy.” Eric said as he reached for his phone.
“Eric, I don’t think that’s a great idea, Barry and I parted on not so great terms, and I hear he is dating Quinn’s sister so there is no guarantee he would actual be helpful, especially if he is forcibly loaned out.” I say, knowing Eric won’t like to hear it.
“I could go with Jason, I seriously doubt they would recognize me, a were can’t smell a witch and I can cast a truth spell to find out what they are up to.” Amelia said trying to not look too pleased with herself.
“That is an excellent idea.” Eric said truly delighted with what she had proposed. Amelia beamed, and then I could practically see her wheels start turning again.
“About a story, why can’t we just tell them the truth? Of course we can leave out the part about them holding Jason’s sister captive, but say that he tracked him to some house in Monroe full or dead furries.” Amelia said, this time unable to hide how proud she was.
“That would work. If he didn’t show up for a couple days it would makes sense for Jason to go looking for him. They probably already know what happened so if Jason lies they will know something is up.” Calvin said.
“Very well then we have a plan.” Eric says.
“Amelia, I will provide you and Jason with a hotel room, Sookie, you and the rest of our party will take shelter with the King of Indiana.”
I attended Indiana and Mississippi’s wedding back in Rhodes, but we are by no means buddy- buddy, I suppose Eric has a good reason for assuming Indiana will put us up, but I’m gonna ask anyway.
“Eric, why would Indiana do that?” I ask.
“Because, my lover you are under the protection of our King, I will inform him of the situation, and he will arrange our visit with Mr. Crowe.” He smiled at me.
“Will we owe Indiana anything?” I ask, not looking forward to doing him any favors. I have nothing against him or his husband, but doing vamp favors tends to get me beat up.
“It’s possible but unlikely. Providing a safe place for us to stay is a small favor to ask, and we dealing with a serious problem in his state, which he will surely be grateful for.” Eric said.
“Is there anyway to leave Jason out of this?” I ask, hopeful, I don’t want Jason in any danger on my account, and I don’t want to spill anymore secrets.
“No.” Eric and Calvin both reply firmly.
“Alright then, when do we leave?” Amelia asked brimming with excitement. She gets bored in Bon Temps.
“Tomorrow shortly after full dark, I will book us a flight on Anubis shortly.” Eric looked like he was thinking about something then pulled out his phone. “Actually I’ll just get Pam to do it now.” He said to us as he hit a number on his speed dial.
It is expedient for Pam to do the booking. She has access to one of my credit cards and I have to tell her she is coming with us anyway, may as well kill two birds with one stone. Some fangbanger answers the phone.
“I require Pam” I bark, purposely not providing my identity, if they do not know their master’s voice they do not deserve to serve me.
Whoever she was had been trained well and my child was on the phone very quickly, I can hear the amusement in her voice.
“How is panther land?” She asks without interest, and I ignore her.
“I need you to go to my office, get the black card and book six open-ended roundtrip tickets to Indianapolis three humans and three vampires. To depart tomorrow night, of course.” I inform her.
“8:00 pm depart 11:00 pm arrival ok?” She asks
“Yes that would be ideal.”
“Booked, am going as well?” Pam asks, she sounds hopeful. Her hope has nothing to do with it; in a battle she will be valuable.
“I will see you at Shreveport Regional tomorrow at seven-thirty then. I don’t believe we will be gone more than three days, but be prepared. We will be guests of Indiana so bring something formal.” I say then hang up. She doesn’t have to be told to bring the boarding passes.
“We will depart tomorrow at 8:00 pm from Shreveport Regional Airport, and should arrive at Indianapolis International by 11:00 pm. We must go so that you ladies may pack. Thank you for you assistance Calvin.” I nod at the panther and wait while he hugs my woman; she hugs far too many people. Then we leave to find her brother looking dazed in his ostentatious truck. I address him before Sookie has time to, she will likely feel slighted, she has said very little tonight, but we have much to do and little time.
“Jason, were you able to negotiate a vacation with you supervisor?” I ask the fool.
“Yeah, I was just trying to remember why; I am not feeling so hot right now.” He replies as I suppress a smirk.
“We are leaving for Indiana tomorrow night, you need to meet us at Shreveport Regional Airport no later than seven-thirty tomorrow evening, and the flight departs at eight. You and Amelia are going to tell Kennedy’s parents he is dead, and she is going to cast a truth spell to find out why they kidnapped Sookie. We can go over the details tomorrow on the flight.”
“Ok than, do I need to bring anything special?” At least he had the sense to ask.
“Bring several changes of your normal clothes and something formal. Nothing special is planed but we must be prepared.”
“Alright, I reckon I better say goodbye to Calvin, then get home to pack. I’ll meet ya’ll there tomorrow night, what airline?”
“Anubis.” I enjoyed the look on his face when he registered he will be riding on a flight for vampires. After the women became situated I began to drive what Sookie tells me is a car back to her home.
“If you beautiful ladies do not mind, I think it would be best for us to stay at my home in Shreveport tonight. I live alone and have a spare room you could sleep in Amelia.” I have things I need to tend to before taking off, I have to pack and stop by the bar. I would be foolish to leave Sookie alone, and she would have to come to Shreveport tomorrow anyway.
“I am scheduled to work tomorrow, but you can go on home and we can pick up Jason and all ride to the airport together.” Sookie says to me. I hope she can’t detect my irritation. She is far too loyal to her shifter boss, and her boss is far too fond of her. At least he can afford her some daytime protection. The witch jumped in before I had a chance to, an annoying habit but this time it is appreciated.
“Come on Sookie, Eric is right and you know Sam won’t mind. You still look like hell anyway by the time we get back your bruises will be healed.” Amelia says bluntly. I do admire her honesty; most humans do a lot of pussyfooting. Having a powerful father must furnish nerve.
“Alright, Eric can I use your phone? I left mine at the house.” She seems to be taking things in stride. This is going much better than planned.
“Of course my lover.” I say as I hand her my phone. She takes it and gives me a sly smile. Tonight I will have her in my own home. My bedroom is lightproof so I will not have to leave her as dawn approaches. I will take my rest with her clutched to my body, and she will wake up in the morning next to me.
I can hear the entire conversation she has with Sam Merlotte.
“Hi Sam, it’s Sookie, umm I don’t think I can come in tomorrow.” She says to him and I can feel her guilt.
“Oh, really, you feelin’ bad Sookie?”
“No, that’s not it, I am a little banged up though, but Eric, Jason, Amelia, Pam and uh, well we’re all goin’ to Indiana to find out why Kennedy kidnapped me at all. Apparently he is like the were equivalent of a neo-Nazi.”
“Sookie, that doesn’t sound good, can’t the vamps handle it themselves? He asks her. He should not be undermining my decision to my woman.
“No, actually we really need to be there, so can I have some time, I promise to make it up when I get back.” She returns graciously, I don’t like to sound of that.
“If you really have to go you can have the time, I’ll find somebody to fill in. You need me to get your mail and check on the house?” He replies.
“Sure, you know where I keep the key.”
“Yeah, I remember. Sookie you take care of yourself and make sure you come back alive.” I don’t think Sookie caught the meaning of that but I certainly did, I am going to have a talk with that damn dog.
“Ok, I have the time off and he’s gonna tend to the house while we are gone.” She announces to no one in particular.
“Wonderful.” I reply.
“Hey Eric, you think the King will foot the bill for my supplies?” The witch asks.
“I will pay for them and submit it for reimbursement.” I tell her.
“How uh businesslike.” She remarks.
“Vampires have to be enterprising.” I say.
I take Sookie’s delicate hand in my own, I never tire of her. We are almost to her house. I cannot wait to get her in the shower.
“Eric, is Bill the third vampire?” She astutely asks.
“Yes.” I knew that this would be a problem.
“Why?” She asks me.
“Well, he is very skilled with a computer research and could be very effective in the event of an attack, also if I am unavailable I know he will protect you.” I also know that given an opportunity he would fall right into bed with her, and I will enjoy his envy.
“Amelia is good with a computer too.” She says with a tone akin to begging.
“Witch, can you rip a man limb from and uproot a tree to make it look accidental, all with your bare hands?” I ask with a completely serious tone.
“Umm not last time I checked though it has been a while since I tried.” She sarcastically replies.
“Bill it is then.” I say triumphantly and smile as Sookie, who is not smiling back.
We are pulling behind her house now, and we should continue this conversation in private, I know Sookie does not desire Bill. I know that Bill hurt her deeply, but she will need to be comfortable around him. I thought that she had gotten over this.
I open her door and take her by the hand; Amelia had practically leaped out before the care even stopped. We go to Sookie’s room and she sits on the edge of her bed, I kneel in front of her.
“If this is truly a problem for you, I will bring another vampire, and leave the research to Amelia. I do want you to know I believe Bill is the best fit for the requirements however.”
“I know honey, I do. It’s just the idea of sitting and staring at him for three hours with nowhere to go is not something I am not looking forward to. On the ground I can make an excuse and leave, up there I’ll be stuck.”
“Well if you plan on staring at Bill Compton the entire trip, I am doing something very wrong.” I say with a smirk and she punches me in the arm.
“Fine, you go call Bill; I’m gettin’ in the shower. She says and stands. I do not.
I push up her soft chenille sweater and kiss her tanned stomach. I move my hands down to her hips caressing her as I work my way to her firm ass. I undo her button with my teeth and glance up at her face with a smile that shows a lot of fang. I feel her longing burning in our bond. I push her panties and jeans down with one motion and lightly push her back onto the bed. He smell is intoxicating. I kiss my way down her right leg nipping at her as I go, while I remove her boots and bottoms. She moans and removes her own top to reveal the gorgeous bounty beneath. I work my way back up her left, and put my tongue to work. Her intense pleasure pulsating through the bond fuels my own. As she is about to achieve orgasm I bite down on her inner thigh and draw from her femoral artery. She tastes so sweet I am tempted to take more than necessary, but I know she needs her strength. When I finish I can feel her writing in bliss below my face, I stand and adeptly remove my own clothes, within a few moments I am atop her and her knees are on my shoulders. She encases me like a second skin and I am delirious.

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